Madurai Tamil Sangam Brief History

,dpANkhh; jkpo;r;rq;fk; fhz;Ngd;
,Ue;j Kjypil filr; rq;fk; NghyNt
vdr; nrhd;d ghz;bj;Jiuj; Njtd; nrhy;iy
,t;itak; me;ehspy; ek;gNt ,y;iy

Vallal Pandithurai thevar, a man of boundless liberality, aimed to constitute Tamil Sangam as existed in ancient times as “Tri Tamil sangam “ but his sayuigs were suspected at that time.
The Mountain Podhigai is the abode of the Muses of Tamil Poetry. The frequent visits of budding poets as well as the seasoned poets keep the Podhigai Mountain reverberating with musical utterances of Tamil Poems.

The fertility and the spontaneity of Tamil Poets are being perfected to sparkle on this Podhigai Mountain
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