Madurai Tamil Sangam    
  Origin and Development Tamil  
In the earlier stages. TamilNadu ruled by three kings namely Chera, Chola and Pandiyas. From 1000 B.C to 250 A.D, the Tamil Scholars formed a literary academy called “Tamil Sangam”. The three kings were the patrons of the poets. Among the three, Pandiyas were the kings who founded this “sangam”. The first, Middle and the last sangam were considered to be the Golden period of Tamil language and literature. Because of the new religions and presence of strangers, no new Tamil Sangam was started. During the reign of British rulers Tamil Language and Literature were ruined. There were no patrons to encourage Tamil poets and scholars. But there were no organised and formulated Tamil Sangms. during this period, very few zamindars or local chieftains helped Tamil Scholars. Among them the “Sethupathis” of Ramnadu kings are most benevolent.

Once King Bharskara Sethupathi wanted to start a new Tamil Sangam in his life but it remained unfulfilled. Then Pandithurai Thevar, the nephew of Bhaskara Sethupathi established Madurai Tamil Sangam. Both of them helped a lot to Tamil scholars and Freedom fighters. Pandithurai Thevar had a circle of scholar-friends and he had literary discussions. In that situation he had decided to start Madurai Tamil Sangam. He donated his summer palace at Madurai town to the exclusive use of the Sangam which was recognised as “The Fourth Tamil Sangam”.
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