Tamil Sangam started Pandit degree course of three levels. By conducting these courses the ignorance of the people, the pessimistic approach of the writers who blamed Tamil literature were all resented. Tamil Sangam brought fame to Pandithurai Thevar to be known to the world.

Balavanatham , Vallal Pandithurai Thevar, a descendant of the Sethupathi kingdom, who had been praised by great Tamil poet Bharathidasan, got unique place in the growth of Tamil language. With king Baskara Sethupathi, he established “Tamil Sangam” at Madurai on 14.09.1901.
The College Emblem signifies the Ideals cherished by the Founder of the Fourth Madurai Tamil Sangam, Vallal Pon.Pandithurai Thevar.

The Fish represents the emblem on the flag of Pandiya Dynasty. The Great Tamil Pandia Kings were the Founder- Patrons of Three Tamil Sangams and encouraged the Tamil Poets and Poetry.
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