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In ancient days, there were many patrons of Tamil Language and Literature. One among the great patrons was vallal.Pon.Pandithurai Thevar. He devoted his whole life for the cause of Tamil.


Vallal.Pon.Pandithurai Thevar was born to the Tamil parents Thiru.Ponnuswami Thevar and Veerayi Nachiyar as third son on 21.03.1867. The sudden death of his father brought the vallal under the tutorship of a Tamil doyen Sheshatri Iyengar.


The well taught student of luminant tamil scholars become a well versed disciple in tamil as well as in English. Pon.Pandithurai Thevar was educated under the supervision of Sheshastri Iyengar. Pulavar Alagar Raju was one of his mentos at his early stage. Our Vallal was very happy to learn English from advocate Venkateshwar Shastri. He was well trained in a standardized school founded by Lord Swards at Ramanathapuram, Lord Sheetee was the president of the school, Poochi Sreenivasa Iyengar was one of his friends.

Administration of Paalavanaththam Zamin

Vallal.Pon.Pandithurai Thevar inherited the family property of Paalavanththam Zamin and certain villages around it on April 4th 1884. It was Thiru.Sheshastri Iyengar who did his best to help the vallal to inherit ancient property. It was a co-incident that Raja Baskara Sethupathy was crowned at the same time.

Service rendered for the publication of rare Tamil Books

Vallal.Pon.Pandithurai Thevar, a man of boundless liberality prevented Tamil books from its disappearance by recording it in a printed form.

Thiru.U.V.Swaminatha Iyer was one of the Tamil professor rendering his service in a government college at Kumbakkonam, was very often honoured at his bungalow in Ramanathapuram by Vallal.Pon.Pandithurai Thevar. At that time, Thiru.U.V.Swaminatha Iyer was in dire need of money to the publication of great ancient Tamil works “Puraporul Venbamalai” and “Manimekalai”.

Vallal extended his helping hand and made Thiru.U.V.Swaminatha Iyer’s dream comes true by the publication of the great works. Vallal initiated the publishing of “Thevar Thalaimurai Pathipu” through his teacher. Mr.Ramaswami Pillai @ Gnana Sampantha Pillai. With the financial help received from our Vallal, Thiru.Gnana Sampantha Pillai collected the “Prabantha Thirattu" of Thiru. Sivagnana Swamigal and published. “Sivasamavatha Urai Maruppu” an argumentative text which was found its way to printing. Under the patronage of Vallal, some more books written by Sunnakkam Kumarasami Pillai were also printed.

The founding of Tamil Sangam

Once vallal had a sojourn in the city of Madurai. Lovers of Tamil thronged him to listen to his scholarly lecturer. For the deliver of great many lectures in Madurai, he required the original text of ‘Kamba Ramayanam and Thirukkural’ for his reference work. He was disappointed and dishearted to know that those text are not available anywhere in the greatest city of Madurai, when there were three great ancient Tamil Sangams. At this time, it dawned upon him that there should be a FOURTH TAMIL SANGAM founded immediately.

State Level Political Conference:

On 21, 22, 23 of May 1901, a State Level Political Conference was held at Madurai. Great many political figures assembled at Madurai. Vallal served as Vice-President of the conference, welcomed the delegates and delivered political lectures. Many Political resolutions were passed during those three days. At this juncture, our Vallal voiced his desire for founding a Tamil Sangam in Madurai. He requested all the members and the citizens of Madurai to participate in the discussion, regarding the founding of Tamil Sangam at the auditorium of Sethupathi High School. With the support of all delegates, a resolution to found the Fourth Tamil Sangam was passed.

Founding of Tamil Sangam

The news of founding the Madurai Tamil Sangam spread throughout the country. Invitations were sent to the leaders, the poets, the philosophers and the thinkers of the Country. So, it was on the 13th day of Avani, Pelava Year, on Monday under the auspicious presence of the star Chitra, Dhanur lagna between 1.30 P.M – 2.45 P.M at the auditorium of Sethupathi High School, the Fourth Madurai Tamil Sangam was founded. Sethupathi Senthamil Institution, Pandian Library and Research Centre started functioning in the adjacent buildings of Sethupathi High School, the founding ceremony was celebrated for three days and therewhere great many lectures delivered.

Vallal’s Service in the field of Literature

Vallal remained as an orator, a researcher a publisher and a poet.

The following creations were done by our Vallal

1. Sivagnanapuram Murugan Kavadi Sindhu

2. RajaRajeswari pathikam

3. Sivagnana Swamigal Erattai Manimalai

4. Thanipaadalkal

5. Research Pathippuraikal, Mugappuraikal

6. Pannool Thirattu

Love of language and Patriotism

Vallal was for purity in all Tamil works. He wouldn’t tolerate errors and omission in Tamil works. For an instance, there was an English man name Lord scott, was an advocate in Madurai. With the little Tamil he knew, he wanted to change the alliterations in Thirukkural. Then the book was published. He was so proud to present it to our Vallal, Thinking that he had done a great service to Tamil language. The very first Thirukkural were changed as follows,

mfu Kjy ntOj;njy;yhk; Mjp
cfu Kjw;Nw cyF

This infuriated our Thevar but he contained himself and brought all the copies published and they are burnt.

His Patrotism and his interest in divinity

As a patriotic, he donated Rs. one Lakh to Thiru.V.O.Chidambaram to start an Indian shipping company. The present value of that Rs.One Lakh might be equal to many crores of present day.6

After his remarkable service to Tamil language and literature our vallal.Pon.Pandithurai Thevar breathed his last on the 2nd day of December in 1911, the Pandian of Madurai Who strove for the progress of Tamils and Tamil language.


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Through his books and services, he still holds our honourable place in the hearts of billions of Tamils.

Long Live his Fame
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